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Sometimes we need to offer more than the traditional flowers and a generic card. This is when you may want to try saying it with a tear – Glass Tears!

Glass Tears are a unique gift that can be shared for many different reasons and occasions. These handcrafted, clear glass teardrops, along with your choice of our custom Glass Tears poetry, will make a lasting impression on the recipient. Some circumstances in life are so profound or painful that you simply need an expression that is completely out of the ordinary to express your thoughts, feelings and love.

We rarely advertise! Our customer base is made up of people who have already received our Glass Tears products from their friends and family. Glass Tears make such a powerful impression, that our gift recipients eventually become our loyal Glass Tears givers. If you are visiting our website for the first time, I suspect you or someone you know has already had a Glass Tears experience. If not, we encourage you to let our Glass Tears speak for you.

We are not a specialty gift giant offering hundreds of different products. We keep it simple. Glass Tears is a family run business that caters to people who are looking for a truly unique way to express what is in their heart to someone who needs to hear the voice of a loving tear.

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